Pictured SEPI utilizes a variety of platforms to provide interactive 3D renderings.

Picturing Success Through 3D Modeling and Dynamic Visualization

Interactive 3D Modeling

SEPI enables clients to picture success on projects through use of 3D modeling and visualization graphics. Applications of this technology include 3D models for proposed corridor improvements to determine impacts and evaluate alternatives.

For example, SEPI provided 3D corridor modeling on the Town of Cornelius Hickory and Gem Street Extensions project. Our design team was able to illustrate ways to minimize construction impacts to adjacent properties ‘on the fly’ which resulted in time and cost savings to the client.

Visualization can also add value to projects from a public involvement standpoint. SEPI utilizes a variety of platforms such as MicroStation, Adobe Photoshop, and Google SketchUp to provide interactive 3D renderings to demonstrate to the public and stakeholders how future facilities will look.

Dynamic Visualization

SEPI generates dynamic visualizations of traffic micro-simulation scenarios from multiple software platforms. These include VISSIM, TransModeler, and Synchro/SimTraffic. VISSIM is the most comprehensive software used to perform traffic simulation and extract dynamic trajectories of vehicles. These trajectories are then used for dynamic visualization.

Not only can we combine the results of the dynamic traffic simulation with other visualization platforms, SEPI is also capable of developing 3D models with dynamic traffic flow in the VISSIM platform itself.

For example, SEPI utilized SimTraffic on our NCDOT U-4709 Capacity Analysis project to perform micro-simulation and animation of vehicular traffic flow, traffic signals, and traffic signings. It shows realistic traffic conditions to help identify flow and congestion issues at single points and along entire corridors for future NCDOT planning purposes.

SEPI is pre-qualified by the NCDOT for code  276 – VISUALIZATION. For a complete list of our approved NCDOT codes, click here.

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