The Town of Cary’s greenway program seeks to improve citizen’s quality of life, pedestrian mobility, and create alternate pedestrian transportation assets. SEPI was selected to provide on-call CEI services for the construction of several new greenways through Federally Administered Projects Funding.

The White Oak Creek Greenway/American Tobacco Trail Project includes 1.90 miles of multi-use trail consisting of 0.84 miles of new 10-foot wide asphalt trail; 0.14 miles of new concrete trail; and 0.91 miles of new 12-foot wide wooden boardwalk. This project impacted sections of existing sanitary sewer right-of-way, categorical wetlands, and other environmentally sensitive areas.

SEPI provided on-call CEI services associated with clearing, grading, sedimentation and erosion control, asphalt and concrete construction, utility coordination, claims avoidance, and project closeout for Federal funding reimbursement to the Town of Cary for this project. Our inspectors performed density testing and construction materials sampling and testing; monitored traffic control; and documented all aspects of the contractor’s operations.