SEPI is providing professional engineering services to update the City of Durham’s 2010 Unpaved Road Inventory Report and create a new Asset Management Plan.

Inventory updates include condition ratings, prioritization of repair needs, and estimated paving cost data. SEPI’s recommended prioritization will then be used to help create an expenditure plan to pave City streets in the future.

SEPI staff are conducting an inventory of current road condition data to develop a weighted system to prioritize paving of the unpaved roads. Factors include attributes such as condition, traffic, purpose, cost, impacts to residents and local community, and potential economic development considerations.

Utilizing innovative technology, SEPI developed an ArcGIS Online dashboard to display the cost estimates for the various paving methodologies. Once the system-wide cost is established, SEPI will develop several spending plan scenarios for the City that will distribute funding across identified districts. Each scenario will reflect annual cost per year as well as the total number of years to pave out the system following the establishment of the prioritization system.

The new Asset Management Plan will provide the City of Durham with an accurate report of current conditions and a life-cycle cost analysis of various funding scenarios to accomplish future paving.