SEPI was responsible for planning, environmental, and engineering services related to the preparation of a feasibility study for the widening of South Front Street in Wilmington, NC.

The project proposes to widen South Front Street from two-lanes to four-lanes divided with median, turn lanes, multi-use path, and sidewalk from the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge to Burnett Blvd.

SEPI conducted background research to identify project constraints including, but not limited to, environmental/natural resources, railroads, hazardous materials, cultural/historic, social, coastal regulations, utilities, and outreach to state and federal agencies to solicit comments on the project. The constraints will be taken into consideration in the development of design criteria and conceptual designs for the roadway.

As part of the feasibility study, traffic studies were also completed. Traffic studies included accident analysis, no-build capacity analysis, and build capacity analysis and preliminary functional designs were developed based on traffic data and constraints.

Construction and right-of-way cost estimates and a benefit cost analysis were completed for the functional designs and alternatives will be evaluated and incorporated into the final feasibility report deliverable.