SEPI was selected by NC State University to complete a detailed delineation of wetlands, streams, and riparian buffers within the project area of the proposed Main Campus Drive widening project.

The purpose of this evaluation was to determine if jurisdictional streams and/or wetlands were present within the proposed project boundaries. Additionally, drainages were evaluated to determine their subjectivity to NC Division of Water Resources (DWR) regulated stream buffers.

SEPI staff were responsible for providing a delineation of streams and wetlands for the entrance and road widening project as well as a riparian buffer determination. Site meetings were coordinated by SEPI and were held with the USACE and NCDWR to confirm the delineation; discuss the upcoming permitting process; and determine the required mitigation. SEPI then prepared and submitted the permit application package.

Due to SEPI’s effective project management, the process from when the initial notice-to-proceed to when the 401/404 approvals were received only took two months.