SEPI will provide the Town of Cary with on-call SUE services for projects primarily related to utility and transportation capital improvements.

As a vibrant and growing community, the Town of Cary’s population has doubled over the past 20 years resulting in associated facilities and infrastructure expansion to keep up with community needs. The Town’s Capital Improvements Budget (CIB) has identified more than 30 recommended utility projects in FY2019 and nearly 40 transportation projects in FY2019.

SEPI will perform Levels D, C, and B on each assigned task order depending on the scope of services requested. Each of these levels builds upon each other as the project progresses. When requested, using our Vacuum truck, we can also provide Level A non-destructive excavation to uncover utility lines for more exact horizontal and vertical location.

Once all the utilities have been designated, our survey team will proceed with establishing a control network within the project limits and locating the horizontal position of the painted utilities. This data will be processed and mapped in either an AutoCAD or MicroStation format, depending on project requirements. A final quality control review will be done prior to the deliverable being provided to the Town.

Thus far, assigned tasks under the on-call contract include:

Sanitary Force Main Condition Assessment. SEPI’s scope of services include designating, locating, and mapping nine different locations provided by the Town. An additional seven locations will require Quality Level A test holes. The excavation will be backfilled utilizing excavated materials, and cold patch will be used to fill in the pavement areas.

A field test hole form will be completed for each excavation at a minimum parameter required by the Standard 38-02 Quality Level A including depth to the utility, outside diameter, height of conduits or encasement, utility materials, and pavement type and thickness.