The Statewide Asset Inventory and Assessment project consists of evaluating more than 17,000 miles of NCDOT roadway including collecting inventory attributes by Division and assessing conditions based on predetermined criteria.

The purpose is to establish an inventory of these assets while documenting a record of their condition and to utilize the gathered data for future budget needs. The data will be used to determine expansion and maintenance options for North Carolina’s highway system.

Eleven, two-person teams of SEPI personnel are responsible for the data collection effort in Divisions 2, 4, and 11 which includes field verification of location and condition of pipes, retaining walls, noise walls, drop inlets, and crossline drainage systems for the Division’s primary and secondary system of roads.

SEPI field staff utilize tablet computers equipped with ArcPad GIS software to adhere to spatial data collection/mapping standards. Attributes are collected and uploaded to the NCDOT system on a weekly basis.