SEPI provided surveying, engineering, and permitting services for the South Cary Water Reclamation Facility Solar Farm located on approximately seven-acres in Cary, NC.

SEPI conducted a topographic survey for a proposed solar farm, on approximately seven-acres of land within the South Cary Water Reclamation Facility. SEPI provided locations of all underground utilities, topographic contours, environmental hazards, and structures in and adjacent to the proposed site. The survey was used for engineering and layout purposes.

The initial survey was followed by a tree survey, including size, species, and height of all trees on and surrounding the site for buffer purposes and to ensure the panels would gather the required sunlight needed to produce the capacity required.

SEPI provided preliminary Site Grading Plans for overall site layout, access, initial stormwater plan; phone and electrical extensions/connections; Construction Plans; Site Sediment and Erosion Control Plan application along with required supporting calculations for submittal to North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ); and assisted with site entitlement permitting.

SEPI also submitted plans/documents and participated in an Express Review by the Division of Land Quality in an effort in an effort to expedite the Town of Cary’s approval.