SEPI is providing construction operations observation on the Simmons Branch Stormwater Improvement project as an assigned task order under our on-call stormwater CEI contract with the City of Raleigh.

The City of Raleigh’s Stormwater Management Division works in part to implement stormwater infrastructure and water quality projects to reduce water pollution and help mitigate localized flooding in residential neighborhoods.

The Simmons Branch Stormwater Improvement project is designed to reduce flooding on City streets along the Simmons Branch waterway including Pineview Drive and Swift Drive. New construction includes a 700-ft box culvert, widening existing driveway culverts, and constructing a vehicular access bridge to facilitate lower programmatic construction costs over time.

SEPI is serving as Engineer’s Representative responsible for overseeing construction for the duration of the project. Staff are currently performing inspection services for the construction of the box culvert and vehicular bridge and overseeing drainage improvements; utility relocation and installations; roadway repairs and construction; curb and gutter installation; sidewalk construction; sedimentation and erosion control; associated traffic control; and existing pavement repair and road resurfacing.

Our certified technicians are responsible for performing construction operations observation to verify work is being performed in conformance with final contract and plan documents. Activities are tracked against the project progress schedule and contractor quantities are verified on a daily basis.

SEPI is also providing construction administration for the project including document control, interpretations of the contract documents, and review and preparation of requests for information (RFI’s), change orders (CO), and materials received reports.