The Town of Leland tasked SEPI with providing engineering and design services, regulatory compliance, construction documentation, construction management, and commissioning for the construction of a sewer pump station/wet well and site improvements for Pump Station #10.

The project includes the innovative use of three 3,500-gallon rubberized nylon bladder tanks to manage storage volume within the sewer lift station wet well. The new wet well is designed to accommodate peak flows, expected as the result of local highway improvements. This flexibly designed system will serve to reduce operational costs for the Town while accommodating future community growth.

Future operating cost-savings as well as a reduction of concrete waste to area landfills are key secondary project benefits of SEPI’s engineering solution. Previously, growth would be accommodated by the removal and replacement of the current structure. Using the removable volume control bladder system creates financial, labor, and material savings for the Town of Leland.

This solution also minimizes potential health and safety risks to utility workers who would have been responsible for the demolition in a tight site that houses hazardous materials.