SEPI is serving as owner’s representative for this 2.2-mile new location construction project.

Improvements include 1.8-miles of new construction and 0.4-miles of existing roadway improvements to complete an outer loop core for the Town. The two-year project creates new intersections at Bridges/Meadows Street, Wilbon Road, Washington Street, Coley Farm Road, and NC 42.

The new construction consists of approximately 86,860 cubic yards (CY) of borrow and 26,850 CY of unclassified material. There are environmentally sensitive areas throughout the project corridor, which require continuous monitoring and inspection to help minimize impacts.

The project is funded through a Federal-Funding Grant administered by the NCDOT. SEPI is providing continuous review of materials received, test reports, wage interviews, Davis-Bacon requirements, and certified payrolls for successful monitoring and completion for Federal-funding reimbursement.