This project consists of approximately 0.47-miles of the widening of N Judd Parkway NE (SR 2768 and 5056) from three lanes to four lanes to provide additional capacity and improve safety.

Traffic and pedestrian/bike improvements will be constructed for three intersections along N Judd Parkway NE including accommodations for bike and pedestrian access at the crossing of Norfolk Southern railroad.

SEPI is performing contract administration including CEI services, roadway grading/structure inspection, material sampling/testing, nuclear gauge/density testing, and monitoring traffic control and utility conflicts/relocations.

Additional services include inspection of asphalt repair/lay down, signal upgrades, signage, pavement markings, maintaining daily diaries/project documentation, monitoring sedimentation/erosion control devices, documenting material received reports, verification of quantities, claims avoidance, and project closeout for Federal-funding reimbursement.