SEPI is providing safety and field performance supervision of roadway installation subcontractors for replacement of roadway lighting fixtures on a statewide energy services project.

Upon completion, the project will enhance roadway safety through increased visibility and reduce operational cost through efficiencies, computerized optimization, and infrastructure improvements.

The NCDOT Roadway Lighting Energy Services project includes three scopes of work: roadway lighting replacement, roadway lighting controls, and roadway lighting infrastructure improvements in 12 of the 14 NCDOT Transportation Divisions. Project documentation is performed utilizing the Mobile 311 project management app to field locate each roadway fixture (GPS coordinates), track work status, approvals, and identify punch list items.

Daily reporting and inspection of roadway work includes review of all lane closure submittals; onsite inspection of all lane closures prior to any work beginning and instructing the contractor of any modifications needed; verification that fixtures and materials are approved; and inspection for quality of installation work.