With continued development of infrastructure across the state, the NCDOT continually works to limit associated impacts to streams and wetlands through use of mitigation practices.

Traditionally site searches are performed, land is acquired, and large stream and/or wetland mitigation designs are developed. Due to mitigation work performed across the state for many years, constantly changing land use, and increased development, potential sites for traditional mitigation are becoming more scarce.

SEPI was contracted by the NCDOT to conduct Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) driven parcel searches within the Neuse 01 Watershed to locate viable parcels of land owned by the NCDOT or other public lands on which the NCDOT could potentially install stormwater treatment devices or best management practices (BMPs) in order to procure mitigation credits.

The first task involved in the study included the analysis of potential parcels in identified watersheds through GIS searches. Beyond that, field reconnaissance was performed in areas that scored highly in the desktop review of a predetermined site selection criteria. If field verification yielded a positive potential for stormwater treatment at a site, stakeholders were gathered to discuss viable options.

Following the selection of several sites, SEPI led field verification efforts and prepared final site reports for submittal to the NCDOT.