SEPI was contracted to perform boundary, existing conditions, and topographic surveys of the existing Lincoln Heights Elementary School facility for a planned $22 million renovation.

The proposed renovation required a detailed survey of all buildings, utilities, and site conditions on the 9.6-acre tract. Over 4,400 survey points were collected, processed, and mapped. The survey required special coordination with school administration to avoid disruption of school activities and to access courtyard areas requiring a survey. Much of the surveying operation was performed after school hours.

SEPI extended horizontal and vertical control to the project site by GNSS; established project site benchmarks and control points; coordinated the services of the subsurface utility exploration consultant; and located all trees/vegetation, buildings, walkways, driveways and parking lots, surface features, and utilities.

Survey work was performed in accordance with Wake County Public School System survey specifications and site-specific survey specifications of the architect.