Through an on-call contract awarded by the City of Raleigh’s Parks and Recreation Department in 2016, SEPI is providing design services for the reconstruction of the existing Lake Lynn Greenway; a total of approximately 2.8-miles of trail including the entire loop around the lake, connections to the Community Center, and a pedestrian access to Ray Road.

The survey aspect of this project consisted of a topographic and partial boundary survey of approximately 1,800-LF by approximately 100-foot width of the upper portion of the trail. This portion of the trail is only comprised of soil compared to the remainder which is paved with asphalt. This trail section is also extremely flood-prone as it runs along the flood-prone Hare Snipe Creek.

SEPI’s tasks consisted of establishing horizontal and vertical control on the site utilizing static GPS. The survey crew then took topographic readings on an approximate 50-FT grid pattern across the trail and the nearby Hare Snipe Creek. The result was a 1-FT contour map of the trail and creek. This mapping will be utilized by the engineers to design improvements to the trail which will likely result in some elevated bridges and larger crossing culverts to eliminate, or at least minimize, future flooding of the trail.