The City of Kannapolis has identified a Federally-funded greenway along Irish Buffalo Creek as a priority for improved connectivity and access to recreational activities and open space.

SEPI was recently selected to provide construction engineering and inspections for the approximately 2.6-mile project, located between Orphanage Road and Rogers Lake Road, that incorporates pre-fabricated bridges and storm drainage to construct an asphalt greenway.

Unique project challenges include extensive tree and vegetation removal with special emphasis placed on minimizing overall impacts. Special attention will be required at the end of the project with the existing open greenways at Vietnam Veterans Park, as well as the connection to the sidewalk installed along Oakwood Avenue.

SEPI is providing construction administration and inspections for roadway, structures, erosion control, materials sampling, and claims avoidance. Technicians are responsible for uploading inspections reports, daily diaries, pay application reviews, change orders, materials tracking, and project documents to help facilitate Federal-funding reimbursement for the City.