SEPI is studying Main Street (SR 1009) and its interchange with Interstate 85 with the goal of improving traffic operations and safety.

Several different interchange designs are being analyzed along with Main Street access management alternatives to improve traffic flow and reduce crash rates while minimizing impacts to this major commercial corridor.

This project corridor extends 0.5-miles from the I-85/US 311 (S. Main Street) on either side of the interchange and will include medians and sidewalks along Main Street.

SEPI is responsible for the preparation of a SEPA Minimum Criteria Determination Checklist (MCDC), including CCR/CIA reports; leading agency coordination and public involvement activities; managing design activities and developing design maps; preparing traffic and natural environment studies; and, managing permitting for the improvement of the interchange.

Roadway design includes the development of a 3D model of the proposed design from which three static renderings were made for use in public involvement meetings.