SEPI provided a team of debris monitors to the Greenville/New Bern area of NC following severe damage from Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. SEPI debris monitors were responsible for overseeing the cleanup of debris in Pitt, Craven, Carteret, and Jones counties.

SEPI oversaw all debris monitoring and contract administration efforts to help ensure cleanup was successfully documented and completed. Attention to detail was critical to debris monitoring and final disposal. SEPI supervisors and technicians aided in helping to maintain buffers for permitted disposal sites, coordinated deliveries to disposal sites to reduce delivery miles, worked to ensure payloads were fully and safely loaded, and protected private property from damages related to loading debris, all in the interest of the best management practices of debris monitoring.

SEPI is experienced with FEMA guidelines for debris monitoring and knows how to implement effective and efficient debris removal methods to proactively help communities during the aftermath of natural disasters.

Relationships between locally designated FEMA representatives and SEPI staff are critical to prompt reimbursement of local funds. As an extension of local staff, SEPI focuses on transparency and accurateness in documentation with all stakeholders.