The Town of Chapel Hill identified Friday Center Drive as needing pavement rehabilitation and improved pedestrian features. Improvements include full-depth reclamation and resurfacing, pavement marking, restriping, sidewalks, and Americans with Disabilities (ADA) wheelchair ramps.

SEPI is under contract with the Town of Chapel Hill for the Friday Center Drive reconstruction project which includes partial Federal-funding reimbursement. The 0.23-mile project corridor is located adjacent to key access points for the William and Ida Friday Continuing Education Center (Friday Center) in Chapel Hill.

Reconstruction is taking place from NC Hwy 54 to just south of the entrance to the William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education. The reconstruction consists of replacing poor foundation below the riding surface, installing a five-to-six-foot bike lane, and ADA improvements along the road corridor.

SEPI is providing construction administration and inspections for roadway, structures, erosion control, materials sampling, and claims avoidance. Technicians are responsible for uploading inspections reports, daily diaries, pay application reviews, change orders, materials tracking, and project documents to help facilitate Federal-funding reimbursement for the Town.