SEPI staff traversed the East Wake Middle School subject site in order to complete a jurisdictional wetland and stream evaluation and delineation prior to offsite sewer line design.

Current NC-Division of Water Resources (NC-DWR) and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) forms and techniques were utilized during the evaluation.

Jurisdictional wetland areas were flagged using sequentially numbered survey flagging. A Jurisdictional Determination (JD) package was then submitted for USACE approval. SEPI staff met with the USACE on site in order to obtain delineation approval.

Drainages depicted as streams on the Wake County Soil Survey and/or USGS quad sheet were reviewed to determine if they are subject to the Neuse River Basin riparian buffer rules. A site meeting was held with the NC-DWR field agent to verify SEPI’s field calls.

SEPI staff assisted in reviewing potential project plans and are responsible for submitting permit applications for any proposed wetland, stream, and/or riparian buffer impacts.