SEPI was selected to provide congestion management, signals, signing, and traffic control services for this design-build project.

The project modifies two interchanges: the US 421/SR 1891 (Peace Haven Road) interchange (R-2247 CD) and the US 52 (Future I-74)/NC 64 (Bethania – Rural Hall Road) interchange (R-2247 EC). The project modifications include a realigned bridge replacement and a staged constructed bridge.

SEPI is responsible for the design of temporary and final pavement marking plans that include the -L- Line, -Y- Lines, ramps/loops, and service roads. SEPI is also responsible for the design of signs and supports (including overhead sign structures) required through the construction limits of the mainline.

The SEPI traffic group is also providing designs for all -Y- Lines, ramps, loops, service roads, and turn-arounds/cul-de-sacs, including Type A, B overhead signs; Type A, B, and D ground mounted signs; and exit core signs.