SEPI provided SUE (location) and mapping along with full planimetric surveying services for the bridge replacement of bridges 35 and 123 in Randolph and Montgomery County.

SUE services included Levels D, C, and B. As part of the Level D services, SEPI contacted local municipalities and utility companies to gather utility as-built information. SEPI then conducted a site visit to gather visible utility surface features as part of Level C services and coordinated this information with the utility information gathered in the quality Level D phase.

SEPI also used the site visit in quality Level C to setup the traffic control plan that was needed within the project area. Using the information noted above, SEPI then proceeded with Level B designations. These designations included:

  • 83-LF of power owned by Energy United
  • 2,191-LF of communication line owned by CenturyLink
  • 1,283-LF of water owned by Montgomery County PWC
  • 3,309-LF of a communication fiber owned by Windstream Communication

The total utilities designated was 6,866-LF. While completing quality Level B, SEPI also verified the accuracy of any utility record gathered during quality Level D. Once all the designation had been completed, our survey team then located all the marked utilities to the required accuracy, and a CAD file was created that met NCDOT’s specified standards.