SEPI was responsible for stream restoration monitoring reports. Staff performed a stream survey, longitude survey, vegetation plot survey, pebble count, cross-section survey, monitoring well installation, and QA/QC.

SEPI completed a vegetation survey using the Carolina Vegetation Survey (CVS) Level II protocol, cross-sectional analysis, substrate analysis, and completed annual monitoring reports for this NC EEP project.

Geomorphic surveys of the stream were completed using visual monitoring of stream stability and stabilization; a photo log at designated points and of stability concern areas. Survey data were processed and used to complete morphological data for the year.

The stream data collected for each year was overlain and/or compared to previous data to detect whether significant morphological changes had occurred. Data included in these comparisons were longitudinal profiles, cross sections vegetation counts, pebble counts, and morphological data. Vegetation counts for monitored plots were conducted and noted in reports.

SEPI will continue to provide monitoring and reporting for the restoration project for the final five years of the project at which time SEPI will be responsible for completing the close-out report.