SEPI is providing roadway and streetscape design services for Barwell Road, a 1.4-mile collector facility.

The 1.4 mile Barwell Road improvement project is widening Barwell Road from Rock Quarry Road to Berkeley Lake Road in Raleigh, NC. The purpose of the project is to make Barwell Road a safe, convenient, and comfortable roadway for all modes of transportation.

Improvements to the Barwell Road include:

  • Designated Two-Way Left Turn Lanes
  • Addition of sidewalks
  • Addition of a Multi-Use-Path
  • Transit Improvements
  • Realignment of the Pearl Road Intersection

Barwell Road Elementary School is within the project corridor and the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians are key components for this safety  project. A design was chosen that included a multi-use path on one side of the road and a sidewalk on the other. Since there was a need for a center turn lane, it created the opportunity to add landscaped medians and streetscape components on edges of the roadway too. Additionally, a HAWK traffic signal is being used to provide a safe exist for fire trucks and a safe crossing for pedestrians.

SEPI’s in-house services include survey/SUE, traffic analysis, natural resource investigation, roadway design, stormwater and erosion control design, streetscape design, and public involvement.