SEPI completed a wetland, stream, and buffer delineation for the Apex High School expansion project. In order to meet the timeline, SEPI coordinated with WCPSS and was able to complete the environmental fieldwork while school was in session.

Wetlands were delineated using the 1987 Corps of Engineers (USACE) Wetland Delineation Manual and streams and buffers were delineated using guidance from the NCDWR entitled Identification Methods for the Origins of Intermittent and Perennial Streams.

SEPI’s findings included documentation of ephemeral drainage shown on soil surveys and the identification of a perennial stream between the school’s football and softball practice fields.

Field notes were compiled into a narrative report including standard wetland and stream determination forms, “Rapanos” forms, and corresponding maps. A field review with the USACE and NCDWR was also held to verify SEPI’s jurisdictional delineation. Meeting minutes of the verification meeting were created and provided to WCPSS and agency representatives.