The Angier Avenue Subdivision project is a single-family subdivision located on approximately 20-acres near the intersection of Miami Blvd and Highway 70 and directly adjacent to the City of Durham Bethesda Park.

The project has been rezoned to a Planned Development Residential District and a Preliminary Plat has been approved by the City of Durham. The project has 70 lots with an average size of 40’ x 125’ and will include a pedestrian connection to the City Park.

SEPI is providing a complete range of multi-disciplinary services beginning with the rezoning, annexation, and Preliminary Plat approval followed by site construction documents for the project, off-site roadway widening, and off-site gravity sewer outfall.

SEPI also provided surveying and mapping services. The project required performing a boundary and topographic survey of the overall tract and preparing rezoning, annexation, and recombination mapping in support of the subdivision submittal process with the City of Durham.