SEPI was contracted to perform design ground surveys in support of the Terminal Ramp Rehabilitation and Passenger Boarding Bridge projects for the Roanoke-Blacksburg Airport.

SEPI surveyors performed project control recovery, performed conventional ground traverses to establish supplemental survey control, and related runway endpoints for Runway 16-34 to survey control.

Once traverse adjustments and data post-processing were complete, SEPI surveyors calculated Baseline A on Runway 16-34; placed Iron Re-bar with Caps; calculated stations along the baseline for project reference; and completed the design survey locating the east side of the terminal building, concrete expansion joint elevations, doorway entrance elevations, and above and below ground utilities within the project limits.

Primary and Secondary Airport Survey Control Monuments (PACS/SACS) were held and verified via GPS. These control monuments were used as a basis for supplemental survey control, as well as to coordinate Runway End Points for Runway 16-34.

GPS OPUS rapid-static observations for verification of NGS survey control were performed using a Topcon GR-3, triple constellation GNSS receiver. Control surveys and survey locations performed using a Trimble S-6, Robotic Total Station.