SEPI provided pavement management and evaluation services to the City of Wilson as a continuation of our 2014 Pavement Condition Survey contract. SEPI conducted a pavement condition survey for 200+ miles of City streets including estimates for the remaining life of the pavement, the type of repairs, and amount of funds needed to improve the overall road condition.

SEPI also conducted a visual pavement condition survey of these streets. Over 2,000 street segments were evaluated and pavement conditions were recorded for each block. This information was used to prepare a Pavement Deterioration Curve for the City.

The data from the survey was entered into SEPI’s pavement management system developed from the latest NCDOT Pavement Condition Ratings (PCR) Condition Survey Methodologies to calculate the PCR. The PCR was then graphed on the City’s Deterioration Curves and the Average Remaining Life was calculated for each segment. These curves are based on characteristics of the pavement and the Average Remaining Life was calculated based on the pavement’s use. Based on parameters given by the City, a recommended maintenance treatment was offered along with estimated section costs.