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Asset Management + Maintenance

Asset Management + Maintenance

Maintaining and improving critical infrastructure assets

The need for pavement improvements in support of improved traffic operations, safety, connectivity, and future maintenance is a common issue for municipalities with aging infrastructure facilities. To meet these needs, SEPI staff deliver industry expertise in effective pavement preservation techniques including recommendations and services for pavement analysis, maintenance, bidding, and construction management of pavement operations.

SEPI’s understanding of how a transportation asset changes over its life cycle; whether it’s a highway, bridge, sidewalk, or greenway; provides a critical perspective in developing an effective AM&M program to promote safety and efficiency while reducing long-term operating costs.


Asset management of infrastructure
Project/program management
Maintenance condition surveys & analysis
Pavement condition surveys & analysis
Contract administration of maintenance programs
Disaster recovery & inspection
Debris monitoring
Documentation during FEMA disaster events
GIS Solutions
Drainage Solutions
Intersection Analyses
Guardrail studies
Selective vegetation programs
Staff training
Pavement preservation techniques
Parking lots
Inclement weather operations
Drone services

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