Pictured Rodanthe Bridge/NC 12 Replacement (B-2500) design-build project

Design-Build Delivery Method Gaining Ground

SEPI understands the fast-paced design-build environment having completed over 25 design-build bridge replacement projects across the State.

Design-build benefits

Use of design-build delivery methods has steadily gained ground as clients realize its benefits. Depending on the project, a typical design-build team consists of the client, general contractor/ construction manager, and the architect/engineer.

Early collaboration is one benefit of the design-build delivery method. Since team members work together from the beginning of the project, staff can exchange ideas and streamline efforts. With the right team, this process leads to faster project delivery and cost savings for the client.

Another benefit of the design-build delivery method is a common purpose. When a project calls for shared responsibility of the design, budget, and schedule, everyone wants to be on the same page. This helps unify a team when project challenges arise. When the entire team is responsible for the project outcome, the focus stays on problem-solving, rather than finger-pointing.

This problem-solving mentality is another benefit of design-build. A strong design-build team is capable of producing holistic solutions for the client. Teaming partners bring value to a project with specific areas of expertise. With the design-build method, key team members collaborate as a group from the beginning which leads to less segmentation of ideas.

SEPI design-build experience

SEPI is well versed in traditional construction, design-build, and alternative delivery methods. Our local resources combined with vast experience in multiple, design-build bridge replacements and roadway projects uniquely positions SEPI to deliver projects within schedule and budget, while maintaining an emphasis on safety and quality.

We have completed, or are currently working on, numerous design-build projects across the state of North Carolina.

Division 9, EC-CD Design-Build (R-2247). Congestion management, signals, signing, and traffic control services of two interchanges.
I-85 Design-Build (I-3802A). Hydraulic design and erosion control plans for approximately two miles of interstate widening, as well as 2.4-miles of -Y- line improvements.
Division 9, Express Design-Build Bridge Replacement Projects. Prime consultant responsible for replacing 10 aging bridges with concrete box culverts using NCDOT Low-Impact Bridge Replacement design guidelines.
Division 8, US 64 Asheboro Bypass (R-2536), Design-Build Bridges. Construction inspection of a 16.4-mile, four-lane bypass including numerous bridge structures and new roadway improvements.
Rodanthe Bridge/NC 12 Replacement (B-2500). Construction engineering and inspection for new 2.4-mile project, associated roadway improvements to NC 12, and a new one-lane roundabout at the project’s southern juncture.

For a complete list of SEPI’s approved NCDOT codes, click here.

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